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“While he’s up there, have him take a look at the chimney”

The chief expectation of a roofer is to keep the weather out of and from damaging your home.

Sure, the CQ Roofing team installs the shingles or metal panels that will make your home look clean and crisp. But that’s not all they do while they’re up there. There are a number of concerns have to be looked over and if necessary corrected. They check your ventilation, the underlying wooden decking when exposed, skylight integrity and flashing around exhaust structures such a chimney and vents.


Chimneys are always a concern to the homeowner. Chimneys are a roof penetration/protrusion and require proper materials and maintenance to prevent leaks and damage. We can inspect the chimney for cracks or deterioration to the cap and flashing. They are built to exhaust smoke and heat away from your home. Like every aspect of nature, chimney materials do age. The heating and cooling from operation and then the exterior weather can lead to slow disintegration of the materials. Mesh caps that are positioned on top of the chimney divert rain and also keeps animals from discovering a new place to nest. Roofers can correct certain weather damaged anchoring of the caps.

The flashing around the chimney where it meets the roof decking will be thoroughly inspected for aging and separation. Replacing flashing can be a common occurrence in areas of extreme weather such as torrential rain storms or harsh winter precipitation. If the roof/chimney flashing is not sealed properly, rain will seep past it, only to run down the chimney to damage inside ceilings or walls.

CQ Roofing will also inspect the chimney cap(s), storm collar(s) and chase. That’s quite the overall verification that all parts relating to your roof are intact and doing their job.

If the integrity of the chimney itself is found to be weakening, your roofer may recommend a dedicated chimney expert to remedy areas of specific concerns.

CQ Roofing installers will do more than lay down shingles, they remove the old, replace what is needed, inspect the associated, then place the covering (shingles/metal panels). Chris Quarrels wants you to be 100% satisfied and completely protected, not just for now, but for years to come

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