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While most roofing companies are dedicated to providing great service, there are still those who would be eager to pull a fast one on you. Some lie about their credentials, while others will use high-pressure sales tactics. What’s worse are those seemingly reliable roofers who–once they get your business–would cut corners on the project to rake it in. That’s why you should be especially careful when choosing a contractor to work on your roofing project, whether it’s a new roof construction or a shingle roof replacement. But how exactly do shady roofers cut corners? The trusted roofing company in the area, CQ Roofing lists what you need to know here.

gaf master elite roofer
  1. Using Less Nails. This doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but if you’re having a new roof installed, then you’ll want to make sure your roofer uses the right number of nails. When they skimp on these just to save money, it will be easy for high winds to get under your new roof shingles and lift them up. Loosened shingles increase the potential for water infiltration, which can leave both the roof system and your home vulnerable to water damage. To ensure the shingles are fastened securely, the more reliable contractors will use at least four nails–or six in steeper roofing systems.
  1. Not Nailing the Shingles Properly. Some bad roofers would try to finish the roof installation as quickly as possible, with no regard to quality. This ends up in shingles that are nailed either too high or too low. A dependable residential roofing company, however, would use the nailing strips in the shingles properly to ensure the material is firmly and securely attached to the roof.
  1. Using Low-Grade Shingles. Bait and switch tactics are not uncommon when you work with a shady contractor for your roofing project. Sometimes, the roofer would use low-quality materials instead of the ones you’ve chosen specifically. Good for them, but bad for you since you’ll be stuck with a defective new roof that is already prone to failure even in its first few years. You can avoid this by making sure your roof estimate and the contract include an itemized list of all the materials and products that will be used for the project. Be observant of the materials your roofer ended up ordering, and don’t forget to see the receipts!
  1. Improperly installing the ice and water shields. Did you know that it’s code to install ice and water shields about 24 inches from the exterior wall? This is already a minimum requirement, but this doesn’t typically hinder shady roofers. If they want to do the bare minimum, they will. When the ice and water shields are not done correctly, leaks become a huge and immediate problem. 
  1. Installing ridge cap shingles that don’t match. This gives bad roofers another chance to save money. Ridge cap shingles are an integral part of the roof because they lower the potential of water infiltration in that area. But some roofers would install cheaper, lower quality ones that don’t match those used with the rest of the system. Because of this mismatch, you might end up voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Avoid These

Work with a residential roofing company that has earned manufacturer certifications. Getting these distinctions is not an easy task–the roofer has to undergo extensive training and pass stringent requirements before they are qualified to install a particular roofing product. CQ Roofing takes pride in the fact that we are a GAF® Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractor.

Our GAF® certification is a vote of confidence from the manufacturer that we can complete your roof installation without ever cutting corners. With us, you can only expect the highest quality results. Here are more of the benefits of working with a GAF® Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractor like ourselves:

  • Access to top-tier asphalt shingle roofing systems that can deliver superior and long-lasting weather performance.
  • Opportunity to customize your new roof with your choice of color, texture, and thickness. GAF® roofing shingles can even mimic the natural look and feel of genuine slate or wood shakes.
  • Solid warranty coverage through GAF® Golden Pledge® Warranty, which offers 50-year coverage on materials and 20-year on installation.

More Reasons to Work with CQ Roofing

Finding a roofing contractor who doesn’t cut corners is easier than you might expect. And you won’t even need to look far–just turn to CQ Roofing for all your roofing needs, whether they involve roof replacement or new roof construction. We have always been committed to delivering only the highest quality services, and this is one of the reasons we remain one of the most trusted roofing companies in and around Okaloosa County. Not only that, we are:

  • Qualified. CQ Roofing has the necessary license, bond, and insurance that makes us eligible to perform this type of work in your area. We also carry the applicable workers’ compensation and liability coverage for your greater protection. Should you need any proof, we’ll be more than happy to show you our credentials.
  • Experienced. CQ Roofing specializes in a wide variety of roofing and exterior services. From metal roof replacement to chimney repair and roof maintenance, we’ve got you covered. You can always count on us to provide you with exceptional workmanship backed by over two decades of experience. And because we are deeply familiar with the area’s specific building regulations, we’ll make sure your roofing project is up to code.
  • Customer-Centric. As an A+ rated roofing company with the Better Business Bureau®, QC Roofing will always put your interests first. We are always ready to answer and address any questions and concerns you might have about your project. We provide personalized service that ensures your project runs smoothly and safely from start to finish. No shortcuts nor callbacks–only timely and efficient service for your complete satisfaction. If you’re curious about the quality of our work, you only need to check out the great reviews we’ve received in Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • Proven Reliable. So you can get that much-needed roof upgrade with greater confidence, CQ Roofing offers flexible and convenient financing programs through Enhancify. Signing up and getting pre-approval is quick and easy. With our service, you won’t have to put off your roof or exterior project. 

From shingle and metal roof replacement to roof installation, CQ Roofing is your go-to choice for unmatched roofing and exterior services. Expect your project to go on without a hitch when you work with us. Call us today at (850) 683-4169 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. We serve Crestview, FL and all areas in Okaloosa County. We’d love to hear from you!