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The roofing industry can be a competitive business for anyone to enter. After all, you won’t just have to deal with the competition but you’ll also have to show homeowners that you’re trustworthy and reliable. With that in mind, roofing contractors are constantly trying to earn as many ratings and awards and they can. According to experts, one of these awards is the GAF Triple Excellence Award, which is given to roofers who provide excellent installation, consumer protection and is committed to ongoing training.


Here’s an in-depth look at the award.

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Installation Excellence Award


One of the three excellence awards that comprises the Triple Excellence is the Installation Excellence Award. This means that a contractor has repeatedly carried out installation projects as perfectly as possible. To determine if a contractor has perfectly installed a roof, GAF experts will inspect the roof they’ve installed and if it’s to their satisfaction then a contractor has increased their chances of getting the award. 


If you hire a contractor who’s achieved this award, you can rest assured that you’ll receive faultless work, reducing the chances of errors in your roofing project.

Consumer Protection Excellence Award


The Consumer Protection Excellence Award shows a contractor’s deep understanding of installing a complete roofing system with superior warranty coverage. This means that if you hire a contractor who’s attained this award for your roof repairs or replacement, they’ll do their best to inform you of the value every GAF component contributes to the roof’s entire performance as well as the unique features of GAF warranties.

Training Excellence Award


On the other hand, the Training Excellence Award signifies that a contractor has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their technical training, keeping themselves familiar with the latest roof installation trends and safety practices.


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