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Roof leaks in commercial buildings can be quite difficult and frustrating to deal with. Finding the origin is often time-consuming and challenging. However, identifying the root cause of the leak is critical to the roof repair process.


Make sure to call a professional so that the problem can be addressed properly. CQ Roofing shares some of the methods used by roofers to investigate leaks in commercial roofing.

What’s a Typical Roof Leak Inspection Like?

Roofers typically start off by checking the leak area inside the building. Then, they measure the leak by referring to the walls or window locations in order to identify the starting point on the roof.

For roof decks that are open, roof technicians usually note the direction the flutes are running. They also inspect any penetrations in the area. If you have ceiling tiles installed, the roofer will likely need to remove one or two tiles to carry out a more thorough roof inspection.

Once they have accessed your roof and mapped out the leak location, they can proceed to the actual roof leak investigation. They usually begin with curbs, pipes, and drains and then move on to the seams and the field membrane itself. Take note, though, that older membranes and dirt buildup can slow down the investigation.

Other Methods of Investigating Roof Leaks

Experts may also use a few tools to aid in locating leaks. Infrared roof moisture scans, for example, are utilized to pinpoint trapped moisture within a roof system. Meanwhile, spray rack testing makes use of a controlled spray of water, and its purpose is mainly for eliminating certain areas like the roof surface, the curb, or ducting. Lastly, moisture meter is used to detect moisture within roof systems either through non-penetrating meters that have sensors or pins that could penetrate the roof surface.

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