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Flashings are crucial to your roofing system because they provide protection against moisture and help prevent leaks in some vulnerable parts of your roof. That said, taking care of your roof flashing and including it in your roof inspection should be done if you want to keep your entire roof in good condition.

In this post, CQ Roofing shares more information about roof flashing to give you a clearer picture of its benefits.

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Roof Flashing Basics

The flashing is typically a strip of metal that’s fitted in roof areas where additional moisture protection is required. Such areas are vulnerable to moisture infiltration, so it’s really important to keep them covered and protected from water damage.

Apart from metal, flashings can also be made from PVC, aluminum, copper, or lead. Aluminum is usually considered the most practical choice because it’s highly durable, easy to form, and affordable. Galvanized steel is also another inexpensive material, but it may not be as strong and long-lasting as the others. If you’re looking for something sturdier than aluminum and want to minimize the need for roof repair, you might want to look into copper. This is harder than aluminum and it works well with newer types of wood preservatives.

Importance of Roof Flashing

If your flashing has started showing signs of damage or wear, make sure to have it fixed by a professional immediately. This way, you can keep your roof protected and prevent more extensive damage. It’s important to note that flashings enable your roof and walls to expand and contract during temperature fluctuations without causing any cracks on the structure. So if your flashing has been damaged, your roof will likely be exposed to leaks and may experience more serious problems.

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