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Cleaning your gutters isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but it’s a necessary task for homeowners. Clogged gutters can cause expensive damage to your home. Allowing leaves and debris to collect in your gutters can also become a safety hazard if gutters become heavy enough to separate and fall from the house.

Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clear gutters and downspouts. Safely using a ladder to get eye level with your gutters makes it easier to see and remove debris. However, if getting on a ladder creates a safety problem for you, it’s possible to clean your gutters without using a ladder.


Explore Gutter Cleaning Tools

As a homeowner, you may lack the motivation to climb a ladder, lack trust in the ladders in your store, be afraid of heights, or dislike incessant nagging from your family members to take care when climbing a ladder. Luckily, with some tools and tips, it is possible to wash your gutters without having to use a ladder.

You can clean roof gutters from the ground without a ladder by using a garden horse, telescopic cleaning tools, pressure washer, leaf blower, or vacuum with attachment. You can as well higher a professional roof cleaner to get the job done. If you are looking for roof maintenance in the Niceville FL areas, you can contact us for assistance.

Before choosing any of the methods below, inspect your gutters to check for clogs and possible causes. Inspecting helps you to determine the amount and type of dirt. Light dirt such as dry leaves and twigs would require a less aggressive method of cleaning compared to heavy and sticky dirt.

  • Gutter Vacuums
  • Pressure Washer
  • Garden Hose
  • Leaf Blower
  • Gutter Flusher and Hose
  • Exterior Gutter Cleaners


Forced air driven

Avoid the Ladder and the Work

The best way to avoid using a ladder to clean your gutters is to let professionals handle the job!
Gutter cleaning is messy work that can be unsafe without proper precautions. It’s also easier than you might think to cause damage to your gutters. A gutter vacuum or flusher on an extension pole can get away from you, no matter how careful you are.
You might feel like you’re saving money by doing the job yourself, but if you hurt yourself or damage your gutters, your DIY project becomes more expensive than hiring a professional service. Get the best quality roofing company to get this work done.

Professionals Save Time and Money

Gutter cleaning experts can make quick work of unclogging your gutters and getting them ready for the next rainy season. When your gutters are free of debris and properly affixed to your house, your home has better protection against water damage, mold, mildew, rot, and pests.
With regular gutter maintenance, you also extend the life of your gutters. Your gutter expert knows the issues to look for when cleaning your gutters. When they complete your cleaning, they can highlight areas of concern and recommend solutions to keep your gutters in excellent condition.CQ Roofing is one of the best roofing companies in Niceville FL that provides the best quality gutter cleaning, replacement, and maintenance.


Clear debris with rake
Tips and Tricks to keep your Gutters Clean

To avoid the burden of cleaning gutters regularly, you could use a few tips to prevent them from leaving and twigs. Here are some of the tips and tricks:

Shear your trees
Most of the waste in gutters comes from trees as it is mostly made up of twigs and leaves. Shearing the trees will reduce the amount of waste falling into the gutter. This will decrease the leaves that need to be cleaned.

Using gutter screens
This is another tip that can be helpful in keeping the gutter clean. The gutter screens prevent leaves and twigs from falling into the gutter. However, the downside of the gutter screens is that smaller waste such as seeds and needles can pass through to the gutter.

Install fine mesh gutter guard
Unlike the gutter screens, the fine mesh gutter guard prevents the entry of small particles such as needles and seeds into the gutter. They are also easy to install.

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