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Choosing metal as your roofing option is a pretty easy decision to make. It boasts numerous benefits, including longevity, energy-efficiency, and fire-resistance. However, there is one aspect about having a metal roofing system that can be fairly difficult to decide on: the color.


Luckily, trusted roof repair contractor CQ Roofing has a few tips on choosing the perfect color for your metal roof.

Consider the Quality

When it comes to choosing metal roof color, it’s important to take into account not just the hue itself but also the quality of the paint you’ll be using. The current standard in the roofing industry is the Kynar 500® FSF?® paint finish, simply known as Kynar 500. It is a high-performing finishing coating that resists ultraviolet damage, with a 30-year warranty to boot.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior

Take a good look at your home’s exterior and try to see if there’s a recurring color theme. Take your cue from the elements around your home. Are the colors neutral, muted, or bright? You can pick a contrasting or complementary color based on that. Most roofing contractors offer a wide range of metal roof color options, so there will be no shortage of roof paints to choose from.

Consult the Neighborhood

Check with your HOA regarding the roof colors that homeowners in your neighborhood are allowed to use. This is an important consideration since you don’t want to go through all the trouble of picking a roof color, scheduling a roofing service, and waiting for the project to be completed only to find out that the color you’ve chosen doesn’t meet HOA standards.

If roof color restrictions aren’t an issue, choose one that you think will help reflect your tastes as a homeowner.

CQ Roofing offers high-quality roofing products and outstanding roofing services. Whether it’s a regular roof inspection or a roofing replacement, we are the company to trust. Call us today at (850) 683-4169 for a free estimate. We serve Fort Walton Beach, FL.