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Various things can cause roofing discoloration, which is mainly associated with color and location. While roof stains can be concerning, not all indicate that your system is in bad shape. However, you still want them to be checked by roofing contractors to prevent them from affecting your home’s curb appeal.

Home regularly checked by roofing contractors

Here’s what causes different colors of roof stains and ways to keep them from occurring.

White or Yellow Stains

Hard water buildup from your air conditioner can be causing white or yellow discoloration on your roof. You’ll usually notice these stains on the lower parts of the roof under AC units and it’s quite noticeable especially if your roof is dark-colored. Instead of power washing or homemade solutions, it’s best to have a local roofer remove the stains. It’s for your safety and to prevent unnecessary damage on your roof.

Black or Yellow Stains

Algae or moss may be growing on your roof if there’s a presence of black or green water stains. Constant exposure to sunlight and moisture can cause organic growth on your roof. They can retain excessive moisture on your roof, causing more growth and roof damage. Don’t attempt to power wash them because it will only do more harm than good. Avoid unnecessary roof repairs by letting a pro get rid of algae and moss.

Red or Brown Stains

Red or brown stains are common around chimneys. Your roofer can clean the affected areas and treat them with a manufacturer-approved solution to prevent rusting.

If you think something’s wrong with your roof, have it checked by a reputable contractor like CQ Roofing. We’ll first do a thorough roof inspection and recommend the best solutions for your system. Give us a call at (850) 683-4169 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We work with homeowners in Crestview, FL, and surrounding areas.