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Every day, our roof is exposed to weather and harmful ultraviolet rays. It can only take so much before it experiences issues due to the elements. One thing you can do to prolong the system’s lifespan is to not delay roof repairs and invest in regular maintenance. Moreover, knowing more about the usual problems with this part of your home can help you avoid them.

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Continue reading to discover some of the most common roofing issues homeowners face. 

Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Face

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are not an easy problem to ignore as they can quickly cause significant water damage to your home. It can happen in all areas along the roof, even if the shingles look like they are in good condition. Do not wait until there is water leaking into your living spaces before having your roof checked. Regular roof inspection helps in detecting and addressing leaks while they are small. It is always a good idea to check your attic because it is usually where the water starts leaking. 

Damaged Shingles

It can be difficult to see if shingles have blown off from your roof due to its configuration. Extreme weather events can cause shingles to lift and get torn off from the roof. High winds loosen metal flashing and tiles. Over time, exposure to the sun can also cause roofing materials to deteriorate. 

Scratches from Tree Branches

Debris such as tree branches can scratch your roof, so make sure to trim back trees surrounding your home. A fallen limb can cause serious damage to the system. If you don’t maintain your trees, the weight from the branches will eventually result in roof sagging. Make sure to get your roof inspected, maintained, and cleaned routinely. 

Flashing Problems

While flashing is made to resist weather and the elements, it does not last forever. If your roof is decades old or a heavy storm passes by your area, be sure to get a professional inspection. Your flashing may have damage and require repairs or replacement. Always be careful of the roofing contractors you hire after a weather event to avoid storm chasers. 

Gutter Damage

Gutters divert rainwater at a safe distance from your property. When your gutter system starts to pull away from your home, it can mean trouble for your roof and home. A compromised system will cause water to damage your landscaping, basement, and even the foundation. One more common issue with gutters is clogging. Clogged gutters will cause water to back up to your roof and spill to the rest of your home’s exterior. Avoid clogs by having your gutters cleaned and maintained regularly. You can also invest in a gutter protection system to minimize debris buildup. 

Shingle Granule Loss

Asphalt roofing shingles have granules embedded in them for protection against harmful UV rays. As your roof ages, it is normal for it to lose granules. Significant granule loss is a common indication that you need a roof replacement. Weather extremes can also cause your roof to lose shingles. 

Rotten Soffit or Fascia

Another common reason homeowners call their local roofing contractors is rotten soffit or fascia. These components are highly susceptible to water damage. Ice dams can also increase the risk of damage. Once rot starts, it will quickly spread, so be sure to address this problem as soon as possible. 


Did you know that your roof changes and shifts constantly? Some roofing materials are more prone to expand and contract due to weather and temperature changes. When your roof constantly shifts, the shingles will bump into each other, causing the roof to warp completely. 

Multiple Layers of Shingles

When replacing your roof, you have the option between a tear-off and an overlay. In a tear-off, your contractor will remove the old material before installing the new one. On the other hand, in an overlay, the old roof stays in place and your contractor will install new shingles over them. 

While the latter option may offer lower upfront costs, a tear-off offers more long-term benefits. The weight of the new shingles can put a strain on the structure of your roof and home. With a complete tear-off, you will get a brand new roof that protects your home, belongings, and family better. This roof replacement option usually looks more appealing and lasts longer. 

Pests and Animals

Insects, birds, and other small animals can cause significant damage to your roof. They can attempt to make a hole in your roof and even enter your home. Make sure to deal with them as soon as you notice their presence.

Poor Installation

Hiring the right contractor is essential to the longevity of your roofing system. A reliable contractor would help you avoid costly roof repairs. Only hire a skilled professional for the installation of your new roof. Before hiring, research your prospective contractor, read reviews, check portfolios, and ask for references. 

How Do You Avoid These Problems?

Get Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance go a long way in protecting your roof against damage. With proper care, your roof can even last longer than its projected lifespan. If the system has issues, deal with them immediately to avoid further damage. 

Check Your Attic

Not because your roof looks great from afar, doesn’t mean that it is in good shape. It is a good idea to visit your attic every once in a while. Moisture in this part of your home is a strong indication that your roof has problems. If the insulation is soaking and has mold on it and there is a musty smell in the air, your roof could be leaking. 

Hire a Reliable Roofer

You can avoid the mentioned issues by choosing a reputable roofing company for your project. Choose a roofer with years of experience and one who specializes in the kind of roofing system that you have. 

At CQ Construction & Roofing, you can count on us for superior quality products and services. We work with industry leaders like GAF to provide you with the best residential roofing solutions. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection! Call us at (850) 779-3013 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We work with clients in Crestview, FL, and the nearby communities.