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A roof replacement project tends to be a mess. After all, it involves stripping off the old shingles, nails, and flashings from the roof to allow the new materials to be installed. Thus, it’s perfectly understandable to want the pros you hired to clean up after the job. The way they deal with this important aspect of the project often says a lot about their workmanship and character.

Today, CQ Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in the local area, explains why you should hire a roofer who also cleans up after every job.

What Is A Roof Cleanup?

Roof cleanup is the gathering and removal of debris discarded from the roof during removal and installation. Debris can include nails, old shingles, flashings, roof underlayment, and drip edge.

This job may sound simple, but this can be quite an undertaking. Depending on the size of the roof being worked on, there can be a great amount of trash and debris generated during the roof replacement process. Even leftovers from the new roofing materials are to be disposed of properly as well. A good roofer must be equipped to handle the necessary cleanup arrangements to bring your property back to its original condition before the project started. 

Finding the Right Contractor

If cleanliness is one of your top criteria in finding the right contractor that also does post-job cleanups, you can easily identify responsible roofers from those who aren’t. Be sure to work with roofers who can do the following for you:

  • Protect Your Property – A reliable roofing company makes sure to arrive every workday with materials that will protect your home, including large tarps and plywood sheets. They’ll put these on your landscaping, siding, windows, and doors to protect against dust, debris, and potential damage.
  • Dispose of Trash Quickly and Carefully – A reliable roofing contractor should also perform the actual waste disposal with efficiency, care, and safety in mind. The pros must make sure the truck or roll-off canister that will be used to deposit the old shingles, nails, and flashings is placed in an area where it does the least harm. They should also prevent damage to the driveway such as oil leaks from the truck or deep scratches and gouges caused by the placement of the canister. 
  • Ensure a Well-Organized Job Site – After every workday, diligent roofers don’t just put out tarps to collect loose nails and small bits of debris. They also see to it that the materials, supplies, and tools are kept tidily in a safe place. These tasks not only help prevent property damage but also reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.
  • Clean Up the Mess Before Leaving – Too many roofers have no problem leaving behind debris such as scraps of flashing, discarded and loose nails, and bits of broken shingles. This can happen not just in roof replacement projects, but also in simple roof repairs. Unfortunately, these so-called “pros” don’t see torn-up lawns or trampled yards as a cause for concern. High-quality roofing contractors will take steps to ensure these issues won’t happen while the project is in progress. 

Things to Keep in Mind

You may think that everything about roof cleanups is the sole responsibility of the roofer. While that is true for the most part, you should also keep in mind that you also have a role to play here in your working relationship with the pros. Here are some things you can do:

  • Before you agree to work with a roofing contractor in your area, make sure that clean-up is in the contract as part of their roof repair or replacement services. Don’t place your signature on the paper if it doesn’t outline their clean-up procedure. Also, don’t sign on a roofing job without first inspecting your home and its surroundings.
  • Even though the pros laid down tarps on your yard before the roofing job, some nails may find their way to your lawn or planting beds. As such, have them check the area once more for stray nails. Expect them to use hand-carried magnetic devices or metal detectors, sweeping them over the grass to pick up nails or metal barbs. It’s worth the extra time to see if any nails remain—apart from being dangerous if stepped on, they can also damage lawn equipment. One could even become a projectile when ran over by a lawnmower.
  • Property damage can be disconcerting, but accidents can still happen even with preventive measures in place. Roofing pros are compelled to correct, fix, or replace any of your property based on their licensing requirements. However, to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring, proper supervision during the working schedule is advised. Before they begin the work, ask the contractor about certain measures they intend to make to ensure your property’s protection during roof replacement.
  • Roofers use some type of tar product during roof installations. It is messy and can get anywhere and everywhere once they start spreading it. Blobs, smears, and footprints of the stuff can be found on your driveway, porch, siding, and sidewalk. Fortunately, it doesn’t dry quickly, so make sure the roofers have the proper cleaning tools to remove leftover roofing tar in your property. If smears or stains remain on your paved areas, a good contractor must consider pressure washing the affected surface once the roofing project is completed.

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