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The soffit is found between the eaves of the roof. If your roof has an overhang, then it’s likely to have soffits. In this post, CQ Construction & Roofing.

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One of the area’s most trusted roofing contractors, shares what this roofing component does for your home. 

What Is a Soffit?

The word soffit originated from a French term that means, “something fixed underneath.” This component is usually used around a structure’s main roof but it can also be used under porches, arches, or stairs. Soffits are typically made from aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, and steel. 

This part of the roof keeps the rafters protected against harsh elements and weather conditions. Exposed rafters can encourage mold growth and rot in the beams. Also, mold can pose a health risk to your family, so don’t delay your roof repair.  

Why Is a Soffit Important?

Poorly ventilated attics can prevent warm, humid air from escaping your home, resulting in moisture-related problems. Insufficient ventilation can also reduce indoor comfort, which can lead to higher energy costs. A vented soffit can help with this problem by providing regular air circulation to your attic. 

Soffit outlining is one of the best ways to ventilate your attic. The air from the soffit circulates to the vents to allow moisture and heat to escape from your home. It also helps prevent pests from entering your home and breeding in your attic pace. These creatures can damage your roof and electrical system. They can also affect your indoor air quality. 

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