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Your gutters are your roof’s first line of defense against rain. That’s why they need to be cleaned routinely. Remember: Routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your gutters in good condition. Without routine maintenance, you might encounter certain gutter problems. 

These are: 

Common Gutter Issues

1.Gutter Leaks 

If too much debris accumulates in your gutters, the extra weight load might cause sections of your gutters to pull apart from each other, creating leaks. Minor gutter leaks are relatively easy to fix. Roofing contractors will simply wipe the insides of your gutters dry and apply a sealant to plug the leaks. However, if there are major leaks, it would make more practical—and financial—sense to replace your old gutters. 

2.Sagging Gutters 

If the added weight load from accumulated debris doesn’t create leaks, it might cause sections of your gutters to sag. To fix sagging gutters, a gutter and roof repair contractor will replace the gutter hangers. . In areas that infrequently experience rain, the gutter hangers should be spaced no more than 36 inches or three feet apart from the center while those in rainy climates should have a maximum distance of 18 inches between them. 

3.Weeds in Your Gutters 

Weeds can also start to sprout out of decaying debris in your gutters. While they might seem harmless, these weeds can keep water from flowing to the drains. That’s why they need to be removed as soon as possible. 

Important note: If you notice a leak in your gutters, you should have an experienced roofer conduct a comprehensive roof inspection.  That’s because the water dripping from the gutter leak might have already infiltrated your roof. 

Looking for experienced roofers near you? 

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