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Filing an insurance claim isn’t as easy as it seems. After submitting all the necessary documents—including pictures of roof storm damage—to your insurer, an insurance adjuster will visit your home to assess the extent of the damage to your roof and calculate your insurance payout. 

Some homeowners find adjusters intimidating, but this shouldn’t stop you from raising any concerns you have about your insurance claim. Here are some tips on communicating your concerns with the adjuster: 

Communicating With Insurance Adjusters

Document Your Phone Conversations 

There’s just no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. But, if you have to negotiate your insurance payout over the phone, make sure to keep detailed records of your conversations. Include in your records the date of the conversation, the name of the person you talked to and a quick summary of what you two talked about. 

Send All the Documents As Soon As Possible 

If your adjuster asks for any document, send it to them as soon as possible. Remember: It pays to be proactive, especially when it comes to making insurance claims. 

Important note: You should file an insurance claim as soon as you notice leaks or signs of roof storm damage. The sooner roof repairs are conducted, the better. Not to mention there’s a time limit on making insurance claims. 

Make Copies of Documents You Send to Your Adjuster and Insurer

Don’t forget to make copies of all the documents you send to your adjuster and insurer. These documents will serve as proof you gave them all the needed info in a timely manner. 

Request a Detailed Breakdown of Your Insurance Payout If You Think It’s Too Low 

Ask your adjuster to provide you an itemized list. Go through each item and ask the adjuster to provide the facts behind their numbers.  

Here’s a pro-tip: It’s highly recommended that you have roofing contractors on-site when the adjuster visits your home. That way, they’ll be able to compare notes and discuss your roof’s repair needs. 

Having trouble filing an insurance claim? There’s the option of consulting one of your local roofing contractors. Some roofers offer insurance claims processing assistance. 

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