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According to experts, a typical roof has to be inspected twice a year for signs of damage or problems. Since trying to inspect the roof on your own can be ineffective (and dangerous), it’s always better to call for help from certified experts. Today, CQ Construction & Roofing will share a look at how roofing contractors carry out a professional roof inspection.


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Checking the Structure

Structural problems are top priority when it comes to roof care, so inspectors start by checking the roof’s structure. They keep an eye out for signs of sagging as well as any traces of damage in the roof’s components such as the soffit, the flashing, or even chimney caps.

Checking the Material

Roof inspection experts proceed to look for signs of material damage. Slightly curled shingles are usually detected in this phase of an inspection, as well as the presence of stains, rusting, or missing components. 

Checking the Interior

After checking the external components, the roofers take a look inside the roof. They will still be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear or moisture damage, but this time they’re looking at the attic, interior walls, and even air vents or ducts.

Checking the Workmanship

Some roofing issues are caused not by a faulty or damaged component, but incorrect installation. Roof repair experts look for signs of misaligned components or improper application of sealant, both of which can compromise the roof’s waterproofing ability and structural integrity.

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