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Does your home’s attic get too hot during the summer season? Too much heat in that area of the home can cause problems with your home’s energy efficiency and even create problems related to overheating such as warping in certain materials. This is why our new roof construction specialists have a few tips on how to keep your attic cool during the hottest time of the year.


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Fan It Out

One of the main reasons why attics get too hot is because hot air gets trapped inside. Even with attic vents, there are times when natural airflow isn’t enough to direct hot air outside. Installing attic fans and electric ventilators will help increase the airflow, reducing the risk of heat-related damage.

Get Attic Windows

Installing attic windows are a great way to improve attic ventilation. However, they also give you the option to keep it closed during the cooler months. A window and residential roofing company should be able to install custom windows on key locations of the attic to ensure efficient airflow when the windows are open.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Since most of the heat in your attic comes from the roof, you should consider enhancing your attic’s insulation. According to experts, an R-factor of at least 19 should be enough to stop heat absorbed by the roof from getting into your attic.

Switch to Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is great for areas with very hot summers because the material deflects some of the heat and easily sheds most of the heat it absorbs. A  metal roof replacement combined with better attic insulation will do a great job at keeping your attic cool during summer.

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