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During a roof replacement project, you can expect your roofing contractors to do almost all the work. From hashing out the details with you during the planning stage, to helping you choose the right color, material, and style of your brand-new roof, right down to clearing up the work area after everything is finished, your contractors are there so you can relax and enjoy the safety of your roof with as little stress as possible.

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It’s important to note that problems can still occur and unforeseen delays and issues do occasionally pop up in any home remodeling or construction project and roof replacements are no exception. However, you can minimize potential problems and speed up the process by getting your home ready for the workers. Here are a few preparations from our roofing professionals at CQ Roofing you can make to get started on your roof replacement.

Long-Term Preparations

Roof replacements, or even repairs for that matter, are one of the big-ticket projects any homeowner will probably ever take on. It takes a lot of planning, time, effort and, of course, funds before you can even lay down the first shingles. It’s not unusual for preparations to begin weeks or even months ahead of time.

Start saving away funds for your next roof replacement at least a year or two before the end of your roof’s estimated life span. The more time you have to save up for this big project, the more elbow room you have to choose better and more energy-efficient materials to replace your roof. At this point, you can also start looking for other types of systems like metal roofs and exploring all the options you have for when the construction begins.

Getting Your House Ready

Depending on the scale of the job, replacing a roof can be very disruptive to your day-to-day activities. It’s advisable to find temporary accommodation for your family while the work is on-going. This usually takes two to three days with some major jobs even taking as much as five days. Some people treat this time as a mini-vacation for their families, booking hotel accommodation for the duration of the reroofing. Alternatively, you can also arrange to stay with nearby relatives for a couple of days.

In the days leading up to the construction day, clear your attic of any valuables that could get damaged during the construction. Many people use their attic as storage space for sentimental items that could get in the way of the workers. It’s also important to protect the rest of the attic from the dust that’s likely to be stirred up by the roof installation. You can use a tarp for this purpose and cover any boxes or items you don’t want dust to land on.

Attached garages are also often included in a full roof repair or replacement so take this time to protect the items in the garage as well. Cover your tools, storage bins, and other items with a tarp to keep dust away as well.

Your windows will need some protection as well because they can be prone to scratches from any falling debris. Roofing contractors often cover up the windows with wooden boards to avoid breaking or scratching the glass.

Finally, any accessories installed on your roof such as solar panels, skylights and satellite TV antennas must be removed before the new shingles can be installed. Your contractor will remove these devices carefully for you so expect some service interruption on your satellite TV or solar power.

Preparing Your Children and Pets

The loud noises coming from a roof installation can be stressful for many cats and dogs. Some homeowners choose to secure their pets in one room away from where the work is happening to keep them from getting in the way of the contractors. If it’s possible, you can also arrange for a friend, a relative, or a pet-sitting service to house your furry friends temporarily until after the roof replacement is completed.

Children can be a little easier to manage than pets. Talk to your older children about what is going to happen so they know that there will be a lot of hammering and banging going on throughout the day. Toddlers and babies can be more challenging. Most parents ask the grandparents if the kids can stay with them for a couple of days just to keep them away from the construction. If you choose to let your kids stay with you, talk to them about the debris that will be around the house. Remind them of safety precautions and make sure they stay clear of the worksite during busy hours.

Post-Installation Inspection

When the roof replacement is finished, things get a little bit easier. A good roofing contractor will always clean up after themselves and leave your home in the same condition as when they arrived. This means they will haul away the old shingles (most roofing companies provide their own dumpster for this purpose) and clear away the worksite of any leftover materials and debris from the construction.

At this point, walk around your property with the construction manager and take a look at your brand-new look. In most cases, your roofer will provide you with excellent service so your roof looks and performs the way it’s supposed to however, there are rare occasions where certain spots might be missed or a small detail overlooked.

A proper walkthrough and roof inspection with the manager will allow you to identify any problem areas if there are any. Moreover, it can also show you if any other part of your home was affected or damaged by the recent construction and give you the opportunity to point them out to the contractor while they are still in the premises. Regular inspections are also needed in the days and weeks following the installation. It is possible that certain shingles might be knocked off or blown away before the seal properly sets and dries. More often than not, your contractor will come by and repair the affected shingles if this is the case.

The last step of the whole process is settling the bills. Roofers appreciate prompt payments and this could help build your relationship with them. There is nothing better than to have a roofer you can trust in case your roof needs emergency repairs. If you had funds set aside long before the construction date, this should not be a major problem. Once the roof is finished and all obligations are fulfilled, the only thing left to do is stand back and enjoy the benefits of your brand-new roof.

Our skilled and experienced roofing professionals at CQ Roofing are more than happy to help you with your roof installation from start to finish. CQ Roofing is your trusted local company for all your roof repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. Give us a call at (850) 683-4169or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate on new roof installations today. We serve homeowners in Fort Walton, including all neighboring communities and areas in FL.