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Even though metal is a great roofing material, you might be hesitant to consider it for your replacement project because you think that it attracts more lightning. However, getting a metal roof won’t increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home; it can protect you from it much better than most roofing materials available in the market! CQ Construction & Roofing, your local specialist in roof repairs, debunks the myth and explains what you need to know:


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Lightning Can Strike Any Type Of Roofing


Even with our modern knowledge about lightning, it’s still unpredictable as we barely know how it’s formed or where exactly it can strike. However, the likelihood of lightning strikes depends on the severity of the thunderstorm as well as the topography and geography of the environment. They also strike taller objects such as trees and buildings, which is why lightning rods were created to attract and channel lightning strikes to the ground safely.


But even if lightning rods are made of metal, that doesn’t mean any other structure or object made from metal can attract lightning. Keep in mind that lightning rods are made from metal as it is a very conductive material and is designed to attract lightning away from trees and structures to keep them safe. But if you want your home to be well-protected from lightning or any other natural element, professional roof inspection and replacement contractors recommend getting a metal roof replacement for your home.


You’re More Protected With a Metal Roof


A lightning strike can still inflict damage on your home no matter what type of material you have installed. Depending on whether you have combustible materials installed and how many occupants you have, the damage can vary, but your electrical equipment will likely be the first to get damaged as they’re the most sensitive to lightning. But with a metal roof installed, you won’t have to worry about your family getting hurt or your valuables getting damaged. The material is more than capable of protecting your home and its inhabitants against lightning much better compared to other materials. 


If you want to make the most out of your metal roof replacement, make sure to get to work with one of the best roofing contractors in the area! Call CQ Construction & Roofing today at (850) 683-4169 or you can fill out our convenient online form. We serve our customers in Walton Beach and neighboring FL areas.