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Whether you have an old roof or it was recently damaged after a storm, a full replacement makes sense if you want to keep your home protected. But you might be thinking twice about replacing your roof right away if the bids you’re getting from several prospects are a bit too pricey for your budget. And if you’re considering that roof repairs will suffice and it’s okay to delay your roof replacement, it will only become more expensive later on.


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You might be delaying your roof replacement because you’re still coming up with the budget. But some contractors such as CQ Construction & Roofing offer flexible financing options that make your roof replacement possible without breaking your bank. With our excellent financing solutions, you can still fund your roof replacement without worrying about your home equity!


But if you still insist on delaying your roof replacement until you can fully afford it, you only end up with higher bills and repair costs. Water leaks, molds, and a compromised ventilation system are only some of the consequences you’ll face when you delay your roof replacement. As a trusted name for roof repairs, CQ Construction & Roofing explains what you need to know:


Pest/Insect Infestation


When you put off your roof replacement, you’re increasing the risk of animals and pests infesting your roofing system. A badly damaged roof will have exposed areas and holes that attract large insects, rodents, and other small animals to take shelter in. And depending on the type of animal or pest, they can also multiply and cause greater damage to your roofing system. 


The infestation will not only cause more damage to your roof, but it can spread to other areas of your home as well. This can add up to your renovation costs and you’ll end up paying more than before. To avoid getting this type of problem in your home, be sure to replace your roof when it’s needed. And if you want to know about our flexible financing options, talk to our roof inspection and replacement team today!


Higher Energy Bills


Another consequence of delaying your roof replacement is that your energy bill will start to increase each month. You may also notice this when you’re running a furnace during the winter months and the hot air rises and escapes faster than normal, creating drafts from your roofing system. This is because the conditioned indoor air won’t be retained indoors when you have a damaged roof; it will escape your home through its holes, gaps, cracks, and other damaged areas. That means your HVAC will start to consume more energy and produce more conditioned air to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. 


And it’s because of delaying the roof replacement that your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to produce more conditioned air. Not only will it result in higher energy bills each month, but it will also overwork your HVAC system which can lead to premature failure. To avoid this, make sure to talk to trusted roofing contractors about a replacement! 


Water Damage


If you have an old roof, you can assume that it already has cracks and other exposed areas for water to seep in. The leaks will only worsen and rot the inner roofing structure, causing a collapse. It can also become more difficult to repair over time, as the origin of the leak won’t be easy to identify unless a full tear-off and replacement are done.


Severe water damage will also affect the structural beams and other components within your old roof and cause them to rot. This increases its deterioration rate as well as the likelihood of a structural collapse, which can endanger your family during severe weather conditions. If this is the case with your roof, you must have it replaced whenever possible. And if you have water leaks in your walls and ceiling, it indicates that water and moisture have already seeped through the inner structure of your roofing system. This means the rafters, insulation, and wiring may have already been affected and must be replaced immediately to prevent any more damage to your home. 


To avoid paying for costly repairs later on, you shouldn’t delay replacing your old and damaged roof especially if it has an active leak. Consult with a contractor so that they’ll conduct a thorough roof inspection and determine what your options are for a replacement.


Higher Fire Risk


This is a result of all the other issues your old roof already has such as constant water leaks and having exposed sections of your system. When water gets into your roof and gets in contact with some of the wirings within its structure, it can cause sparks and ignite your insulation or any other combustible material and start a fire. A compromised roofing system is a big fire hazard that can affect your family and possessions, so to ensure their safety, don’t delay your roof replacement any longer!


Mold and Mildew


Water leaks not only cause rot and damage to your roofing system but also cause mold and mildew growth. Once they set in between the layers of your old or damaged roofing system, it can spread to other parts of your home and becomes expensive to clean off properly. Mold and mildew can also grow from wet insulation, but it won’t be immediately visible unless a professional roof inspection contractor checks it out.


Decreased Home Value


Getting a roof replacement is a great way to increase the equity of your home property. Delaying a roof replacement does the opposite, so if you’re planning to sell your home in a few years, an old roof won’t attract many potential buyers. This is simply because they don’t want to undertake a new roof replacement as soon as they buy a new home. 


By getting a new roof, you’ll not only raise your home’s property value but also enhance its overall architecture. It also helps it stand out from other homes on the market, which makes your home attractive to more potential buyers! And once it’s sold, you’ll still get more than half of what you spent on renovating your roof.


Delaying your roof any longer will only result in more costs later on. If you don’t want to pay unwanted costs, make sure to get it replaced by one of the top roofing contractors in the area! Call CQ Construction & Roofing today at (850) 683-4169 or you can fill out our convenient online form. We serve our customers in Crestview and nearby FL areas.