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Gutters are responsible for keeping the roof, walls and even your home’s foundation safe from moisture damage. That being said, you’d want a gutter system that will perform well without requiring too much maintenance. Homeowners have two options: seamed gutters or seamless ones. However, roof inspection experts claim that seamless gutters are a better option. Why is this the case?

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Seamless Gutters Are Easy to Install

When installing standard seamed gutters, there’s always a need to check how many segments are needed to make sure there’s enough gutter to catch water runoff. Even with the right amount of segments, there’s also the issue of making sure each segment is properly secured to prevent leaks and keep the entire through properly aligned. With seamless gutters, the trough itself is made up of one long custom-cut part that takes a lot less time to install.

Seamless Gutters Are Less Prone to Leaks

The biggest weakness of standard seamed gutters is also their defining characteristic. The seams where two segments meet can have small gaps or misalignments that could compromise the entire gutter system’s performance. According to experts in roof repairs, a seamless gutter’s continuous surface doesn’t have these gaps to worry about, which means there’s a lower risk of water seeping through the gutter trough.

Seamless Gutters Are Easy to Clean

Remember those seams that water can seep through in standard gutters? Those seams can also serve as a dirt-trap. Even when spotted early on, accumulated dirt, rust, or even debris stuck in those seams can be difficult to clean. A seamless gutter doesn’t have any dirt-catching nooks and crannies to worry about, so keeping them dirt-free is a lot easier.

Seamless Gutters Look Great

The gutter may not be as prominent as the roof, but it still has an effect on your home’s curb appeal. A seamless gutter system has a clean look that works great with most home designs. Roofing contractors also say that a seamless gutter’s customized dimensions ensure that the gutter will always fit perfectly. There are no parts that jut out or segments that look like they were cut short just to make them fit properly.

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